October 21, 2021

New electric Bugatti could do 0-60mph in ONE second!?!



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Could Bugatti be about to change the electric car game forever?

Now you might think were getting ahead of ourselves, given Bugatti is yet to add an EV to its roster – but hear us out! As you probably know, Bugatti is a subsidiary of the VW Group. And we all remember the diesel-gate from 2015, right?

Well, since then, VW has been trying to clean up its image, mainly by focusing on releasing a whole load of electric cars. Now when you consider that Porsche, another VW Group subsidiary company, has been buying shares in Rimac, a ground-breaking electric car manufacturer, we think there may be an opportunity for these forces to combine to create some astronomical EVs!

But how likely is it to happen? And if it does, what could these EVs look like? Well youll have to stick with Mat to find out!

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport – Passenger Ride – http://bit.ly/Bugatti-Chiron-Super-Sport

Rimac Nevera v Ferrari SF90 – https://bit.ly/Ferrari-SF90-v-Rimac-Nevera

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3 thoughts on “New electric Bugatti could do 0-60mph in ONE second!?!

  1. What do you guys think – should Bugatti make a record-breaking EV? Or should they stick to building massive 16-cylinder monsters?

    Let us know BELOW!

  2. 0-60 in 1 second in a road car i think is impossible in this era Top Fuel Dragsters with 11,000hp can do it in 0.8 – 0.6 seconds ish which is absolutely fucking bonkers if you havent seen them run in real life it is something everyone should experience 330+mph in less than 3.5 seconds. We are limited by the traction of our time soon someone somewhere will invent some sort of tire compound that dead hooks on any surface anywhere but until then we’ll have to settle for a mediocre 2.1s to 60

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