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When it comes to multi-million-dollar hypercars, it doesn’t get much more exclusive than Bugatti’s limited-edition Divo.

Just 40 of these high-performance coupes were built at Bugatti’s factory in Molsheim, making it rare even by the French brand’s standards, with each retailing around the $8 million mark.

Unfortunately for one Divo owner in France, parking lessons weren’t included in that gargantuan price tag, and they were caught bumping into a Mercedes CLS outside a hotel. 

As the driver of the Bugatti attempts to reverse out of the roadside space, they likely ignored the warnings from the parking sensors, and reversed too far back.

After the initial impact, hotel workers move to check the damage at the rear, as well as helping the driver get out of the spot properly. It’s also worth noting that there was an attendant at the front making sure the Porsche 918 Spyder wasn’t hit, either. 

Despite the low-speed nature of the prang, we can’t imagine too much damage was done to either of the cars involved, but we’d hate to think of the costs involved.

Considering that the majority of the Divo is made from carbon fibre, and the rear end consists of a prominent diffuser above a titanium exhaust system, the slightest bump would be catastrophic. 

We can all just be thankful that the Mercedes driver wasn’t in the wrong here, as it would be a rather interesting discussion with the insurance company. 

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